Music is a form of universal communication. The way in which people from different walks of life can connect through the artistic expression of music is something to which I’ve always been drawn.

Of course, music is vast in definition and I realize that dedicating a blog to “music” would be a monumental task to endure. So, keeping with my passion for music, I have chosen to narrow the focus to underrated or suppressed music genres and musicians, particularly in South Africa.

Growing up, I was exposed to music on a daily basis. From stories of band days and gigs on my dad’s side to heavenly harmonies in in choir performances from my mom’s side, there was never a moment when music was not a part of my life.

Just as underrated the silly jingles about my first pet and favourite cereal were back in the day, I aim to explore the underrated – struggling, if you will – musicians that decorate South Africa’s population. Also, I hope to uncover why it is that certain genres of music are actually categorised as “less popular” or “not mainstream”. My attempts to essentially highlight some South African talents – and issues surrounding non-commercialised music – will be explored in this blog.

With immense respect and admiration for any musically-inclined person and a deep relatability to struggling artists, I find great joy in helping network these budding talents. Although, I’m not promoting a talent page, I do feel that by emphasizing my personal connection to music and personal journey of growth as an artist myself, I can more accurately hint to the role my blog topic has for me.

South Africa is a frenzy of never-ending musical events and showcases that goes to show how expansive the South African music scene is, despite not charting as highly as mainstream international artists. In my opinion, South Africa is a mine of undiscovered and interesting musical innovations that need a little more excavating done before that musical jewel can be polished and exhibited worldwide.

It all starts at home. Just as my passions for songs and affinity for music as an art form arouse at home, so should our appreciation for locally-moulded musicians and musical movements.


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